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CS:GO is the multiplayer fps that took the world by storm with its revolutionary take on loot. Instead of having an inventory filled with useless garbage, CS:GO let you trade your weapon skins with other players. From this grew the CS:GO gambling industry. People didn’t want to just give their skins away, they wanted to make their skins worth something, and so by betting their skins they can experience the thrill of gambling, with minimal risk. That doesn’t mean no risk, along with legitimate and community focuses sites sprouted tons of scams and schemes to hoard your hard won skins. Instead of trekking through the depths of the internet looking for legitimate CS:GO gambling or CS:GO betting sites, we have braved the spam for you. So whether you want CS:GO poker, csgo upgrade sites, black jack or dice, or the ability to create ac CS:GO fantasy e-sports team, we can tell you where the best place to go is.

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With every gambling site, no matter the game there are some similarities. You will have to sign in with your steam account, and deposit your skins, which you can either use directly as with CS:GO raffles and lotteries, or they are exchanged for points to play with. You can then use your points to buy new skins, and exactly the skin you want in most cases. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a site, do not deposit skins or sign in. First, look for a chat, or a live drop system to show you that other people are using the CS:GO gambling site safely. However, we have examined each site manually, and a site that has a rating above 5/10 should be safe and fun to play with. Our reviews will tell you everything you need to know about CS:GO gambling sites, what the games are, the multiple ways to pay, if there are any bonuses available, and if there are any referral programs. The score out of ten is a short hand way to show how great each of the CS:GO gambling sites are.

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