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Best CSGO case opening sites with TOP skins

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CSGO case opening sites review

CS:GO cases are a staple of the counter strike community. Online cases are just like the ones you get in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, containing skins, knives and gloves. But by buying them off of other websites, you can get them cheaper, saving you money.
All you have to do is choose your case, and open it to find the loot inside.
The loot will have a steam code, or key which you can then trade, or use in Counter Strike.
The more cases you buy, the higher the chance of more loot. The more expensive a case is, the higher chance of rare and expensive skins.

Each full CS:GO case opening review tells you:

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Find out what the best CSGO case opening websites are

We have checked out each CS:GO case opening sites, and ranked it a scale of 1-10, considering the cost of the cases, the chance of higher value skins and the reliability of the website, so you can see quickly what the best CS:GO case opening site is for you. We also look at what different cases they have available and all the different ways you can pay.

Although we don’t open up every case available, we do manual examine each case opening website so you know that your chosen CS:GO case opening website is trustworthy.

We check if there are any promo codes, or bonuses available such as free skins(cases), so you get the absolute best deal when opening CS:GO cases. A better deal on each case means you can open more cases and win more cool skins. Please, note that we combined the best csgo gambling sites on our service, which should leave you 100% satisfied.

Top list of CSGO case opening sites: