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Welcome to the for betting site CS:GO players – Lootmarket!

Lootmarket makes buying and selling CSGO and DOTA skins or weapons easy. Sellers can benefit from enchasing their excessive inventory which can then be withdrawn for real-world use or to buy other items on the website. In our experience buyers tend to find better deals here as compared to on Steam. Though Loot Market has a max price limit and we are not sure if they’re updated with the slightest fluctuation on the Steam Market. Sellers need to sell for a price that’s around 15% lower than that of Steam, but unlike Steam, you get real money.

Sellers need to be aware of the fact that there is a minimum withdrawal limit of $10. However, selling your items may take some time and will require that you tweak the price a bit to attract potential buyers. At the end of the day the lower the prices, the sooner you’ll sell.

Pros of Lootmarket:

  • Sell your CSGO skins and weapons for real money
  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • Save time because you don’t need to search for buyers
  • Buyers benefit from lower prices compared to Steam

Cons of Lootmarket:

  • Minimum withdrawal limit is $10
  • A significant commission
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