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Win nice prizes on by playing CS:GO

Play 1v1 matches against real players for skins and cash. Prove your skills and get paid.

This site proposes an interesting way to get free CSGO skins or even cash – you just play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 1-on-1 mode, demonstrate nice gaming skills, and get bets of your opponents.

Kickback - CSGO Gambling site

Of course, this is not a guaranteed winning method. A guy, you will play with, may be really powerful, so you will lose something. But still, kickback is much better than all CSGO roulette websites, because in this kind of gambling, you really can influence the result.

It will be not enough to use your Steam account to log in to kickback CSGO – the site has its own registration. It’s a simple quick procedure.

For participating in matches, you may deposit cash, in-game skins, or internal currency of this site – rubies. You may bet different sums on your winning, and the same amount will be betted by your opponent. Then the choice of another player begins. CSGO kickback search for someone of a similar level to yours, to make the game fair.
Matches happen on AIM or AWP maps. There will be 8 rounds. To win, shoot the opponent! Make this in five or more rounds and take everything. Withdraw cash to PayPal. Or buy skins in the shop with rubies.

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The service is popular in Russia (20.39% of visitors), in the U.S. (10.79%), and in Denmark (5.82%). They like different sorts of games and participating in chats and forums.

Bonuses and Promotions

This site gives free rubies for csgo betting and buying skins – wager money, share information about the service, place to your Steam nickname.


It is a very unusual gambling site. No more need to just try your luck – success depends on your gaming skills. The site is available only in English.

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