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Welcome to the skins trading site for CS:GO players –!

Trading and betting systems on one site –

This site proposes two services – exchanging of skins and betting on Esports events.

To use csgolounge, you should register. Convenient system of many similar sites doesn’t work here – you can’t just log in through Steam, and need to enter your e-mail, come up with a password, and then connect your Steam account.


The trading feature of CSGO lounge is quite interesting. You propose skins and choose objects you prefer to get. Other users make an offer for your trade with the chosen by you skins or with something they feel worthy of the deal. And it will be your choice – to accept the offer and activate the exchange, or not.

To use the CS GO skin betting feature, check the list of current matches on the main page. Choose one of them, and bet your skins on a probable winner. You will get rewards in skins too.
This tradesbetstrades service has video tutorials in the section of User’s guide with explanations of different functions of the site.

Target Audience of

Many visitors to CS GO lounge are from Russia (14.65%), the United States (9.43%), and Poland (6.23%). They are interested in different kinds of games and in shopping. 5.49% of users came from social networks: YouTube (50.61%), Facebook (21.27%), VKonakte (12.74%).

Bonuses and Promotions

This site doesn’t propose any extra motivations for users – no bonuses, no promotions, no free CSGO skins.

Pros of CSGO Lounge:

Easy to understand interface

A reputable CSGO website

The website has eSports schedules which are updated in real time

Cons of CSGO Lounge:

There is no fun betting when the credits have no value


The unusual trading system may be a bit complicated for beginners, but it proposes some interesting advantages – choosing what you want to get. Unlike on CSGO crash websites, here gamers can rely not only on pure luck but use their knowledge and experience for predicting results of Esports matches. The service is available in English, Russian, and Chinese.

CSGO Lounge has an easy to navigate and understand system for anyone who wants to trade their skins and weapons. The left side displays all the recent trades while the current matches which you can wager on are to the right. CSGO Lounge used to be a skin gambling website attracting hundreds of traders each hour. However, the company has redone its website to remove the wager option after STEAM banned gambling websites. The system now works by offering up the skins you want to trade and then wait for an offer from other players to match it.

CSGO Lounge also features CS:GO competitions ranging from amateurs to professional level players. Spectators can bet coin credits, but if you win there is no way to withdraw those credits, so they just hang around in the account.


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