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Gamble in a casino of csgofast, betting your skins

Choose between a fast csgo raffle and a normal one, are you going to have high risk high reward or high chance of winning and a quick game?

You can gamble on CSGOfast with skins from your inventory. In-game items are accepted here as a kind of casino pieces.

There are a few games in this CS:GO casino and some of them are quite interesting. Classic Game is a kind of raffle – players bet skins, their price determines the winning chance, the system chooses one winner, who gets all the bets. It’s like a CSGO river of rewards.

CSGOFAST.COM - CSGO Betting site

In Fast Game, players try their luck in a small company of three – it’s similar to slots, and one of the participants takes everything. Double game is a classic roulette, the same as on many CSGO roulette websites – with bets on red, black, or green. CSGO fast increases the number of its games. The newest here are: Slot Machine with skins and Crash with bets on a multiplier index.

Playing Fast and CSGO Crash games, you can bet only coins. Get them by depositing real money. Then buy skins with won coins in the special shop here.

Target Audience of

Brazilian players are in the first place in the statistic of visitors here (14.67%), then go Poles (8.05%), and Turks (5.73%). Games and gambling are their main interests.

Bonuses and Promotions

The site has a referral system and gives up to 1,5% from invited by you people. Some free coins can be gotten by accomplishing quests (like depositing real money), or just by daily enters to a special page. Also, the site makes Giveaways with skins and even games’ license keys as prizes.


It’s a big CS:GO gambling site with a nice collection of games and lots of active players. The service available in many languages. There are different ways to contact the support team for solving possible problems.

Available bonuses
Get free coins; Get 5% bonus to your winnings with csgofast in your steam name.
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