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Welcome to the upgrade skins site for CS:GO players – CSGO-Shop!

CSGO-Shop may come across as slightly confusing for someone who has not gambled skins before. The website requires that players deposit their skins for which they receive a cash value which based on current STEAM prices. That money can then be used to gamble in a bid to acquire other skins and weapons.

If you don’t have a suitable skin, the service has a multiplier feature which allows players to deposit money and then add up to a 10x multiplier. However, if you win the company will charge you a 10% commission. Though adding ‘’ to your nickname will reduce the commission to 8%. It is important to note that the website is currently in beta and the customer service is nearly non-existent. So, it’s probably not a good idea to use your high value skins here.

Pros of CSGO-Shop:

Upgrade your skins easily

Multiply your balance exponentially

Cons of CSGO-Shop:

Still in beta

10% commission is rather high

Games available
Available bonuses
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