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CSGO Minesweeper Sites List

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CS:GO Minesweeper

This game was super popular on the very dawn of the computer era. Now, when we have powerful machines and can play exciting missions of CS:GO, Minesweeper is still in demand – and with a new spirit! On specialized gambling sites, we often can meet a game CSGO Minesweeper. It is more than entertainment, because gamers can win skins just playing it.
Site makes reviews of CSGO minesweeper sites along with other gaming casinos – to allow you gambling safely on trustworthy sites.

Minesweeper with CS:GO style

In usual minesweepers, gamers click on closed sections of a virtual field, hoping not to “step” on hidden mines. The sections contain numbers, which indicate how many mines is connected to this particular section. Considering this information, we should make decisions which next sections to open, where may be mines.

CSGO Minesweeper is totally different – here we have no hints on a place of mines, so they can be anywhere. Gamblers should try their luck and open random sections, hoping not to fail. Another one difference is the possibility to stop the game any moment. The more sections you’ve opened, the bigger your winning becomes.

Bet virtual coins of a CS:GO gambling site at the beginning of game rounds, and also choose the quantity of mines on the field. The second parameter determines your potential winning – with a bigger number of mines you get a bigger multiply index for every opened section.

This game is a typical gambling, so there is no a guaranteed strategy of how to beat minesweeper. But some advice can become useful. Don’t try to open the whole field, this is too risky. You may try and open just a particular number of sections – three or five, for example. Then stop and take your winnings. Don’t choose lots of CSGO mines – 3-5 will be enough

Reviews of the best CSGO minesweeper sites

In reviews of, we describe in details games available on the site, all their features. Also, we pay attention to ways of depositing skins and making bets. Usually, virtual items are exchanged to an internal currency of a platform automatically. Gamers use this coins for gambling and then use winnings for buying new skins from a special shop – they can be withdrawn to their Steam inventories.

Available promo and bonus programs are also mentioned in the reviews. So, we help you to gamble in a secure way and get maximum from the process.

A list of top gambling sites with CSGO minesweeper: