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CS:GO Match Betting

There are lots of CS:GO matches taking place in the Esports world. Powerful and famous teams fight each other for huge money prizes and prestigious titles. Beginners and semi-professionals struggle to prove their skills and to break in the Esports industry. All of these virtual battles are not only an excellent show but also a way to earn some money – through CSGO match betting.

If you feel the power of predicting inside of yourself, or if you know something special about professional CSGO matchmaking, or even if you just have decided to try your luck – why don’t you use your CS:GO skins to make bets on results of Esports events?

There are lots of sites for this on the Internet, and selects the best of them just for you, guys – choose any from our reviews and use the site safely!

How does CSGO match betting work?

Bets on sports is a long-time phenomenon – someone bets on football, someone bets on races… Esports is just a part of sports, a modern type of sports competitions. So, it has just inherited the tradition of betting. People put funds on their predictions about winners of matches, about results of rounds, about final scores. Then, a betting platform multiplies their funds in case of successful predictions or takes money away in case of mistakes. makes reviews of gambling platforms, where you can bet even without real money spent – just with skins from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Such items have their value, and betting platforms often propose to exchange them for an internal currency, coins or credits, and then gamblers use this kind of virtual money for making bets.

Won coins can be exchanged for new skins in internal shops of betting platforms. This is a way of monetarizing your betting success – you may sell those skins quite profitably. Some of the sites with CS GO match betting propose a possibility to withdraw money on different payment systems.

The available ways of making bets and getting your winnings are described in reviews on CSGOroute!

How to get maximum from your CS:GO betting experience?

In reviews of CSGOroute, we indicate if there are any promo or bonus programs of betting sites. For example, some platforms give free coins to learn how to make Esports bets on practice – users may get such funds regularly, even daily. Often, gamers can get free coins by using referral links or by sharing their referral links with friends.

There are no totally guaranteed ways of winning in Esports betting – even professional, prime matchmaking CSGO is the same game with unpredictable results. Still, there is some advice for you to feel the situations better, to make nice predictions: play CS:GO more and follow main events of this Esports discipline. If you know the game by your own experience, you will know when a team plays at the high level and has big chances to win. If you follow the professional teams and their ways in Esports, you will know for sure who is on the way to success, who is in crisis. This helps immensely to make right decisions!

A list of top CSGO match betting sites: