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On this site, we have a possibility to gamble with CS:GO skins – put your in-game items to the pot with other gamers, and wait for the power of luck to be kind to you.

Jackpot is one of the most popular games in CS GO gambling. It is a nice way to get many different skins to your Steam inventory – of course, with a risk to lose your bets, which is always present in any kind of gambling.


The service CSGO gambler is a so-called Jackpot for poor – this means, you can bet here quite cheap items. The rules of the site accept items with a minimum value of $0,01. So, gamblers should understand that winning rounds may give them lots and lots of common skins. Sometimes, it is not worth to risk losing your nice skins, betting them in this Jackpot.

Still, expensive skins give more chances to win a Jackpot here. CSGO-gambler provides with one point for every $0,01 of the bet cost. The more points you have, the bigger your winning chances become. Jackpot rounds begin when the number of skins in the pot reaches 100.

For those, who want to get free CSGO skins, this site proposes a special section – the link “FreeSkins” in the upper menu. It will lead you to tasks from different sponsors. Choose any, read conditions attentively and follow them to earn points – they will be exchanged to skins, when you will get enough quantity of points. Also, CSGOgambler allows mining these points – you give your computer for mining cryptocurrency, which goes to the site owners, and you get small rewards for this.

To decrease the fee for the service, add the domain to your Steam nickname.

The Jackpot here is not very active – not so many gamers use this site. The earning section has lots of sponsors but hasn’t a clear possibility to choose skins for earned points. The site is available only in English.

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